What is Hypnotherapy.


Almost all problems stem from a similar cause. Negative self-programming in the subconscious mind.


By reprogramming your subconscious mind, you will change the way you think and feel better about yourself. The mind is the most precious and most powerful possession you have. You need to learn how to make the best use of its enormous powers. Your subconscious is your creative mind and your emotions. e.g. If you have good thoughts, good things will happen. If you have bad thoughts, bad things will follow.



Dana Salerno is very professional and is a very highly recommended Clinical Hypnotherapist. With many years of experience, Dana has mastered the art of Hypnosis and she can help you regain control of your thoughts. Using many different techniques, she can provide you with a hypnotic experience that will help you make the breakthrough that you just can’t do alone. By tapping into your creativity and emotions you will release what ever it is that’s holding you back or unwanted blocks will just disappear. Your body, mind and soul will be realigned to work for your highest good at an optimum level. Your mind is the most powerful ally you have, if it is working for you.



Contact Dana now to make an appointment or to talk to her about your personal consultation. Every individual will experience Hypnotherapy in their own unique way. Some may need a few sessions and some may need several.

So, call or email today.



Past Lives are a very interesting part of Present life. Past life influences are still affecting present life.

We may have encoded energies from past lives. Your accumulated past life information can influence your present life. Your present is an extension of your past. Although you may not be aware of all the past details, Dana can help unlock the significant factors, of what is going on in your life now. You will feel that your life will flow much freer and it will be easier to make the correct decisions.

To have a better life ring Dana now.

Dana Salerno Clinical Hypnotherapist.


Ph. 0417 818 689.


An accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist with the 'Australian Academy of Hypnotic Science'.

Dana Salerno - Clinical Hypnotherapist
Dana Salerno - Clinical Hypnotherapist

If you have a strong desire to be pain free, contact Dana as she is qualified in this amazing methodology.


Peter G

“I just wanted to send you an email to say thankyou so much for your help.  I thought you may be interested to know you have helped me in more way you can possibly imagine.  I will always be grateful to you….  Since the second session I have experienced truly remarkable things to say the very least.  In actual fact my family and I have been completely gobsmacked as to how and what I am now able to experience since my first session with you and in particular after my second session.  After my third session my abilities have grown significantly more powerful and precise….”  Peter G

Brin P

“Thankyou for the work you did to assist me with the issues I had.  And I mean ‘had’ because I am no longer burdened with all those distractions and feel I can just get on with things now and excel where I had been blocked beforehand.  It was great working with you.  I feel you are really competent and just seemed to know how to gauge where I was at and lead me to make the changes I needed.”  Brin P

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